advent candle

A Reflection on Advent: Embrace the Light!

While the world is preoccupied with preparing for the merriment of the winter holidays, Christians enter the Season of Advent. Advent commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ and His entry into our lives, while preparing for His second coming as our triumphant King. The birth of baby Jesus was the...

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grasses in the wind

Rememberance Makes All the Difference

On one of our walks to minister to people who live in homelessness, a man approached us and gave us his testimony. This man who lives in homelessness spoke fondly of God despite his circumstances. He shared with us scriptures that he remembered along with their meaning, and we encouraged...

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children's ministry

The Importance of Children’s Ministry

The PenTab Children’s Ministry is a very special department that caters to the spiritual growth of wee ones aged 30 months to 11 years. When they turn twelve, we have a graduation ceremony that sends them off to the Ignite Youth Group. A church will flourish when its Youth and...

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Winter Pine bough with snow

Look How We’ve Grown

by Samantha Richards 2023 was an empowering year! We grew as a family, thanks to the powerful life changing sermons that helped us consider, consume and be changed by the Word of the Lord. Hungarian and Spanish members began combining their Friday night services and close with an impressive feast....

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Ignite Youth for Christ

Igniting Youths for Christ

Our Youth Ministry is called “Ignite” because we encourage our youth to be on fire for Jesus in all aspects of their life and shine their light bright to lead others to Christ. As a youth leader, I work alongside a dedicated team to guide and support our youth in...

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hands raised in worship

My Faith Journey

Ever since I heard the teachings of Lord Jesus from Pastor David, God's words have been profoundly impactful and clear to me: "‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And...

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Prayers & Potatoes

Prayers & Potatoes

Early May 2022 Elaine Allen approached Samantha Richards saying “God told me to come and talk to you - I want to feed the homeless.” And that was it! About a week later a small team walked the streets of Surrey and never looked back. Armed with sandwiches, juice packs,...

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5 reasons to Celebrate Easter

5 Reasons to Celebrate Easter

We are free. Jesus's death and resurrection means 1. We no longer need to pay a penalty for our wrong actions. Jesus paid it. 2. We are free from the desire to knowingly do things that go against God’s instructions. 3. We will go to Heaven where there is no...

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hands forming a heart shape

The Heart of Lent

The season of Lent can help us strengthen our spiritual lives. Lent is the forty days before Easter (excluding Sundays) when Christians practice fasting and penitence in remembrance of the forty days and nights Jesus fasted in the desert. The Holy Spirit kept Jesus in the desert and empowered him...

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pink roses for Valentines

So It’s Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day! February 14th is the popular day for professing your love for someone. But what exactly does Valentines Day mean? Where does it come from? Who started it? And what does it mean from a Christian perspective? Who is Valentine? St Valentine is a legend made of stories...

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