Welcome to PenTab!

PenTab is a church for people like you who are eager to know more about our great God. Wherever you may come from, however many languages you may speak, we are so happy to have you worship Him with us! Whether you’ve only just started your Christian walk or you are looking for a new church family, we are thrilled to share this experience with you.

We are always eager to hear about your story and your questions, so feel free to talk to us:

Angie Amato
Connect Ministry Liaison

Check out the rest of our website for more information, such as service times and other fun events! You can view our Ministry page for individual ministry times and activities. We are always happy to meet new friends and grow the PenTab family; come join us in our journey!

We Want You to Feel At Home

We promise to:
  1. Welcome everyone with smiles, warmth, and respect
  2. Acknowledge how in your own way you have begun your spiritual journey
  3. Facilitate spiritual growth by relying on the power and timing of the Holy Spirit
  4. Cultivate an environment of expressive praise and worship
  5. Provide a thorough understanding of biblical teachings and principles
  6. Equip you with tools as you minister to others
  7. Discover and develop your talents for God’s glory
  8. Become your support and extended family
  9. Pray for you always
  10. Inspire you to make heaven your home

Become a Member:

  1. By committing to keep growing in Christ &
  2. By committing to help others grow too

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