Ladies’ Day Breakfast – Mother’s Day

Event details

  • Saturday | May 13, 2017
  • 9:00 am
  • Ministry Centre - 9744 176 St., Surrey, BC V4N 3V3
  • 604-584-5504

Whether it’s the 5 dozen cupcakes that your mother baked with only 1 day’s notice for your school’s bake sake, the nights she stayed up with you rubbing calamine lotion on your chicken pox or the day she proudly wore that clunky macaroni necklace to work that you made for her during craft time… we all have special memories of our mothers. At PenTab we like to honour Mother’s Day by celebrating ALL of the special women in our congregation. Please join us at 9am on Saturday, May 13th for our special Ladies’ Day Breakfast!