October is Friends & Family Month Learn More Each Sunday we will be blessed by a special visiting speaker
from our Vancouver community or form the United States
Bishop Barrington Goldson Bishop Aguilar Bishop Abel Aguilar
Arise Church,
Irvine, California
Bishop Barrington Goldson
Calvary Tabernacle,
Hempstead, New York
Pastor Cheryl Koop
Coastal Church,
Vancouver, BC
Pastor Darin Latham
Broadway Church,
Vancouver, BC
with Special Guest Speaker Dr R. Heard of the Inspire Church, Houston Texas
background Pentab Pulse Pentab Pulse Issue 1 introducing This inaugural issue gives readers a taste of life in our PenTab community. It will also spur conversation on popular topics. We pray that you appreciate the mix of spiritual milk and solid food it offers. May God open your eyes to see how it all reflects His will. VIEW FLIP BOOK DOWNLOAD PDF Dream again in 2023 dream again grow with us educationally biblically economically proficiently Learn More
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