PenTab Learning Academy

At PenTab, we believe in each individual being the best version of themselves. In this spirit, we provide a variety of classes to our members in order to help facilitate professional and personal growth. In addition to our weekly language and computer classes, the PenTab Learning Academy also hosts special interest workshops for crafting, creative writing, painting, baking and more! Please stay connected and check our Church Calendar or Events Page frequently for the latest on these exciting and engaging learning opportunities.

Interested in learning something that we don't currently offer? You’re also welcome to drop us a line and let us know of any classes or activities that you may be interested in.


***All Wednesday evening Break-out Classes will occur simultaneously for 1 hour from 7:30 to 8:30pm at our Ministry Centre - 9744 176St, Surrey BC**

Children’s Class

Our Children's Classes are designed to teach the Bible in a manner that makes learning fun and easy. We have ample space for multiple children's classes and for a variety of age groups. Learning is easy and authentic when it is fun and simple, so we have improved our presentations to keep our children on the edge of their seats. The more secular our public learning institutions become, the more urgent it is for us invest in our children having regular biblically-based teaching. Sunday sessions are not enough to adequately prepare our church of tomorrow.

Ignite Youth Class

Our Ignite Youth Class is designed to help our young people become more grounded in the Word of God before they make life-long decisions relating to careers, marriage and ministry. The classes will have a discussion format to allow for questions and answers, while giving youth a forum to express themselves and be heard. The Bible views young people as strong, so we claim their strength by faith. We see our young people not only strong physically but also: Strong Spiritually; Strong Academically; Strong Successfully; Strong Socially; Strong Relationally; and Strong Interdependently.

Best Version of You Class

Our Best Version of You Class is designed to help each one of us become the very best version of ourselves. Life is best lived and shared when we commit to being the very best version of who God created us to be. Not settling. Not imitating others. Not distracted by drama, debates, or discouragement. We aim at taking the Bible literally to provoke each other to good works.
These sessions will help you dream again and dream out loud, while equipping you with the tools to become disciplined, until you are living God's dream for the Best Version of You!

Don't be surprised when role models who are living their dream show up to help you live yours!

What We Believe Class

Our What We Believe class is designed to present the foundation of the Biblical truths we profess. The pursuit of truth, demands that we accept that the Bible is the best explainer of itself, as scriptures validate each other when contextually understood, taught, and received. We are not quite there yet, but we endeavour to give each other permission to keep asking the tough questions until we become more effective at carrying out the Great Commission to Reach, Rescue, and Restore the entire world.

The fundamentals of what we believe are easily accessible (on our website and in print form), so we are equipped to clearly articulate not just what we stand against, but also what we stand for.


Join us this Spring for an extension of our What We Believe Class – Journey Through the Bible, as we pursue a general bible overview and topical exploration of major bible themes while incorporating Old and New Testament accounts of the number 1 best selling & most powerful book of all time – the Bible. This exciting NEW series of classes begins on Wednesday April 5, 2017 at 7:30-8:30pm at the PenTab Ministry Centre. Get on board for a front row seat as together we explore the drama of God’s dealings with humanity throughout history. Join us as we delve into the fascinating story of Scripture and witness the Bible come alive.

What Others Believe

Our What Others Believe Class is designed to take us on a journey to understand and appreciate the different world beliefs, not limited to the many versions of Christian groups, but also to other religious groups, and even those who claim no faith. At the very least, this exposure will help us validate what we believe and then equip us to communicate better with others in a respectful way, which underscores that as much as we desire to be heard, we intend to also be attentive listeners.

These explorations will be done in a manner to be very respectful even when we strongly disagree with other points of view.

Specialized Classes / Workshops

From time-to-time the PenTab Learning Academy will host special interest classes and workshops like computer seminars, crafting sessions or cooking and baking classes. Please stay connected and check our Calendar and Events Page frequently for more exciting and engaging classes.

You’re also welcome to drop us a line and let us know of any classes or activities you may be interested in -

Language Classes

At PenTab we strive to have a truly multicultural congregation! In support of this, we offer language classes on FRIDAY nights. Please see our Friday Services page for additional information.