A Handbook for Spiritual Growth


Why are there so many clannish Christians and churches? Why do we read God’s Word and project our own personal biases for everyone else to embrace? When will we shatter the stereotypes of shallow spirituality and stifling standards? Core Doctrines Revisited not only seeks to address our questions, this groundbreaking book makes the case for why believers must reunite to experience God’s best so that we can become the very best version of ourselves.

Because doctrines are incontestably core when we reposition Christ to the center.

Core Doctrines Revisited: A Closer Look

Breaking - Building - Bridging - Blazing


David A. Drysdale holds a BSc in Computer Studies and Business as well as a diploma in Theological Studies.

Core Doctrines Revisited represents David's journey as pastor of PenTab - an amazing multicultural church, to better explain the unity of biblical teachings.

David is inspired to help the universal Kingdom of God become more united, by: breaking down barriers; building stronger and more spiritual bible believers; bridging the gap, linking generations past, present and future; and by blazing the world with extravagant love, biblical truth and enduring unit.

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