Pastor David Drysdale

As a boy Pastor David dreamed of playing soccer professionally. By his late teens our pastor pursued an audit management and Information Systems career. What became clearer in time was also an overwhelming call to the Ministry. Yet, he could not have dreamed that one day he would be the pastor of a multicultural church in British Columbia, Canada, some 3300 miles from his birth place in Jamaica.

Pastor David and his wife Karen are the proud parents of four amazing children - Xavier, Chelsea, Diana-Joy, and Twila. Although Pentab is our pastor's dream, his family plays a very important part in the life of the church.

Pastor David's spiritual father is his pastor from Jamaica, Winston Samuel Stewart. Pastor David looks to Dr. Richard Heard, his spiritual mentor and covering. Other spiritual influencers include: Bishop Abel Aguilar, Pastor Loren Yadon, Pastor Stephen Yadon, Pastor John Mark Bartlett, Pastor Colin Sterling, Pastor Granville McKenzie, Pastor Trevor Townsend Jr., Pastor John David Banga, Pastor Wayne Trout, Pastor Robert Stewart, Pastor David Koop, Prophet Lloyd Bustard, Theologian Chuck Swindoll, Evangelist Billy Graham, Bishop T.D Jakes, Songwriter Bill Gaither, and Business Executive Rod Bergen.

Our pastor passionately preaches that God created us not to settle in any area of life until we become the best version of ourselves for His glory. Recognizing that baby steps are giant steps if we are going in the right direction. Whatever series of events have brought us to this point, since God created us, He has the ability to restore us completely. Pastor David advances that perhaps the most important spiritual desire is to keep growing in Christ.